Sportsbet India License

Sportsbet io is a properly licensed betting company operating in India.

Banned Countries

The official license issued to the company Sportsbet by the Curacao Gaming Commission allows it to organize gambling in a number of countries except for prohibited territories through its website and Sportsbet app. The list of such countries includes the United States, the Netherlands, Curacao, Australia, France, and the Dutch West Indies. On the territory of these countries, the license does not apply, and the organization of games, including sports betting and casino, is prohibited. If you notice that a company is violating this rule, you can file a complaint with the Gambling Commission. But before you do so, make sure that the betting company does not operate in that state under another license.

Waiver of Brand Ownership

The Curaçao Gaming Commission is the regulatory body that issues licenses to companies involved in the gambling business. However, we do not own the companies that are licensed. Accordingly, the Gaming Commission is not responsible for the actions of these companies or the quality of services they provide. We do not own the brand, do not promote it, and do not influence the decisions made by its management.

A site operating under a license must independently monitor compliance with the legal requirements of the countries in which it operates.

Print Verification System

The design of the seal verification system presented by the Curaçao Gaming Commission implies a digital service that allows you to quickly verify the status of the company and the license issued to it. Any text and graphic material displayed in this system is intellectual property and protected by copyright law. This content may only be used with the official consent of the gaming commission.

The contents of the basic license information page may not be changed at the discretion of the licensing company. Any attempts to violate this rule will be suppressed and severely penalized, up to and including termination of the license.


The trademarks and brands mentioned on the page are the intellectual property of the Curaçao Gaming Commission and are also protected by copyright laws. The only exceptions are the domain name and the names of the licensed company.