Responsible Gaming on Sportsbet India

All types of gambling at casino and sports betting are only entertainment. It is impossible to consider them as a stable source of income. All bets, even those that seem obvious to you, have a certain level of risk. You can lose money in case of an unsuccessful outcome. That is why you should treat betting as a way to have a good time and add some excitement to watching sports matches. If you get too involved in betting, you can become addicted to gambling.

Sportsbet io adheres the pronciples of responsible gaming.

Main Restrictions

Betting site Sportsbet on its part makes every effort to ensure a high level of security of user accounts, as well as their funds. To this end, the bookmaker’s office has implemented some restrictions:

  • Only adult users have access to betting. If you are under 18 years old, you will not be able to register and fund your account;
  • All players can have no more than one account. Re-registration is prohibited by the rules of the site and the app;
  • Regular spot checks of user security are conducted, as well as verification;
  • Withdrawal of funds is possible only according to the details of the owner of the account. Transferring money to someone else’s card or purse is impossible.

These and other restrictions help maintain fair play and protect bona fide users from cheaters.

Sportsbet India also actively protects its customers from developing gambling addiction and any form of gambling addiction. We encourage players to control their emotions and not get addicted to gambling. To understand whether or not you are susceptible to developing a gambling addiction, answer a few questions for yourself:

  • How much you are into gambling;
  • Do you feel annoyed and angry if you can’t place a bet for a long time;
  • Do you spend more time playing the game than you originally thought you would;
  • Are you betting money, the loss of which will affect your personal and family budget;
  • Have your relationships with your friends and relatives deteriorated because of the bets.

Answer as honestly as possible and don’t deceive yourself. The answers will tell you whether you have a gambling addiction and how much you are inclined to develop it.

How to Deal With Addiction?

Gambling addiction is a mental illness that consists of excessive and harmful gambling. Everyone is susceptible to gambling addiction in one way or another, but it is in your power to reduce the risks. To do so, follow a few simple guidelines, which we will give below:

  • Risk only the money you are willing to lose;
  • Do not gamble on other people’s, borrowed or credited funds;
  • Before you start playing, determine the time and budget allocated for the session;
  • If emotions begin to prevail over cold calculation, stop the game;
  • Do not try to compensate for losses by increasing the size of bets.

If necessary, you can take the support service phone numbers and addresses of specialized institutions involved in helping people with gambling addiction. You can also use the self-limitation function and, upon request to the support service, limit some functions of the account. For example, set a deposit limit or temporarily freeze your account.